What is Million Dollar Underwear FAQ

What is Million Dollar Underwear?

Million Dollar Underwear is a humor zine written by Joel Barber, featuring material co-written with Natalia Mercado. With Illustrations and layout by Jessica Little.  Covers by Jake Blas.

How would you describe Million Dollar Underwear?

It's slice of life humor mixed with the absurd. Think Mad Magazine, Think Mr. Show with Bob and David, Think the 90's Simpsons,  Think Simon Rich's "Ant Farm" and you have an idea of Million Dollar Underwear is like.

Why is the zine called Million Dollar Underwear, is it only jokes about underwear?

Million Dollar Underwear was the working title of the zine, that somehow stuck. The title comes from a freestyle rap Joel did while he was cleaning his bathroom(the only place he will ever rap, the world isn't ready for his bathroom raps). There are no jokes about underwear, sorry underwear humor enthusiast.

How long is the zine?

23 pages.

Is it in color or black and white?

Black and White.

Is this an ongoing zine or just a one off?

Right now, Million Dollar Underwear is a three part mini series, but if the sells are good and reviews are positive there might be another issue or two after the mini series.

When is the next issue coming out?

The next issue is scheduled for release early summer 2017, stay to this site for updates.

Summer 2017 really?

We want to put out the best quality material as possible and that takes time. We here at Million Dollar Underwear feels we set the bar high with this first issue and we want to top it for the following issues.

Is Million Dollar Underwear really the title?