11/22/63 (Time Travel Romance)

Sally: Oh Joel, you and your wife are just lovely together. How did you two meet?

Valerie: We met at a-

Joel: I was sent back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination. So I got into Dallas a little early to set up and I kept seeing this woman with the most striking brown eyes I had ever seen all around town. A few hours before the assassination, I was sitting on a rooftop setting up my rifle and I looked up to see Valerie across the street on the opposite rooftop setting up her’s. It took me a few minutes, but I worked up the courage to go across the street and introduce myself. I said, “Hi, my name is Joel; are you from the future?” She said, “yes.” At this point I was feeling pretty good and we had an hour to kill, so I invited her out for coffee. She said, “What the heck” and we went out for coffee. We started talking and turned out she’s there to kill Lee Harvey Oswald too! We knew a lot of the same people and didn’t live too far from each other. Funny with all that in common we had to travel to 1963 to meet each other. Anyway, we hit it off and talked for hours. We were so lost in conversation that we completely forgot about our mission. History’s loss is our gain. Come this November we will be together six years.

Valerie: God damn it Joel, why can’t you tell people we met waiting in line at a Best Buy, like how it really happened?