Person Seeking Person 2: Seek Harder

No Strings Attached

Woman (24) on business trip seeks man (25-30) for two weeks of one-night stands in the Seattle, Washington, area. I’m just looking for a good time, nothing serious. I prefer you only sleep with me, text or call me at least once a day and in public refer to me as your girlfriend. Like I said, I’m not looking for anything serious, but if possible I would like to meet all your friends and family.

Must Hate Cats

I told my last girlfriend it was either me or the cat. She chose the cat. Man seeks woman who hates cats.

The Basic Physics of Love
Man seeks woman who can help him convert his potential energy into kinetic energy in and out of the bedroom.

Covering All My Bases

My position of power doesn’t allow for me to openly express myself sexually. That’s why I need someone who can keep up appearances. Man seeks woman who fits my voter base’s idea of what a woman with traditional family values is supposed to look like, but also has a penis.