Person Seeking Person 2: Seek Harder

No Strings Attached

Woman (24) on business trip seeks man (25-30) for two weeks of one-night stands in the Seattle, Washington, area. I’m just looking for a good time, nothing serious. I prefer you only sleep with me, text or call me at least once a day and in public refer to me as your girlfriend. Like I said, I’m not looking for anything serious, but if possible I would like to meet all your friends and family.

Must Hate Cats

I told my last girlfriend it was either me or the cat. She chose the cat. Man seeks woman who hates cats.

The Basic Physics of Love
Man seeks woman who can help him convert his potential energy into kinetic energy in and out of the bedroom.

Covering All My Bases

My position of power doesn’t allow for me to openly express myself sexually. That’s why I need someone who can keep up appearances. Man seeks woman who fits my voter base’s idea of what a woman with traditional family values is supposed to look like, but also has a penis.

The Whisper Campaign (South Carolina)

South Carolina 2000(Black Baby)

Did you know that presidential candidate Joel Barber once fathered a black baby with a black woman from South Carolina? Did you also know that not only did Joel Barber father a black baby with this woman, he was married to her before he fathered this black baby and is still married to her? Is this the type of man you want to have in the White House?  I am Aaron Hecht and I endorse this message.

Campaign Promises (100 Days)

 100 Days

In the first hundred days of my presidency, I will introduce a bill that will start construction of a Death Star. That is right; if I am elected, America will reach for the stars again. My goal as president isn't just to make America the strongest, safest nation on the planet, but to make America the strongest, safest nation in the galaxy!

Vote Joel Barber for President!

Barber 2024!

campaign promise2.jpg

The Whisper Campaign (Hopes and Prayers)

“Hopes and Prayers”

Did you know that presidential candidate Joel Barber once sold crack to fifth-graders out of his mother’s mini-van during a short period in the mid-to-late ‘90s? We’re not sure if this is true, but America, if we believe long enough and pray hard enough, it just might become true. I am Aaron Hecht, and I endorse this message. Vote Hecht for president.




Dear Barbie Signature Members,

The 2017 lineup of dolls is here. A new year brings exciting changes to the Barbie family. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come.

“Malibu Death Wish Barbie”

Barbara “Barbie” Millicent Roberts was an ordinary Malibu high school senior until late one night when her little sister Skipper and her two-timing boyfriend Ken Carson ran her Corvette off the road. They left her for dead in the Malibu hills. What they didn’t count on was her surviving. Barbie is back from the brink of death and she wants revenge. Nothing will stand in her way -- not friends, not family, nor the law.

This spring, Barbie has a death wish.

Malibu Death Wish Barbie comes with a pink pearl handle 22 Ruger pistol, switchblade and hair brush. Two-Timing Ken and Backstabbing Skipper dolls each sold separately.


“Fugitive Barbie”

After a late night of partying, Barbie and her new boyfriend come back to her Malibu dream house to be attacked by a mysterious one-armed woman. After being knocked out, Barbie awakens to her dream house trashed, her boyfriend dead and the police knocking on her door. After failing to convince the police that she was attacked, Barbie is labeled the prime suspect in her boyfriend’s homicide.

Now she is on the run, searching for the mysterious one-armed woman who framed her for murder. Fugitive Barbie must stay one step ahead of U.S. Marshal Ken Carson, the highly skilled tracker who will stop at nothing to bring a fugitive to justice.

This summer, Barbie is on the run.

Fugitive Barbie comes with dark aviator sunglasses, pink hoodie and hair brush. The One-Armed Woman Skipper doll, U.S. Marshal Ken Carson doll and the line of Barbie Dream Escape Vehicles: Nondescript Gateway Sedan and Limited Edition 1993 White Ford Bronco each sold separately.


“Black Veil Barbie”

After learning that the family of her twenty-years-her-senior, sugar-daddy boyfriend Ken Carson banned her from attending the funeral of her late lover, Barbie is distraught with grief and rage. After some tough love from her little sister, Skipper, Barbie finds the courage to go against the family’s wishes and attend her lover’s funeral.

Make things awkward with your late lover’s family with Black Veil Barbie’s real crying action. At the push of a button you can make her face a runny, mascara-covered mess.  

The fun doesn’t stop there. Black Veil Barbie also comes with a microchip that allows her to speak. Black Veil Barbie is programmed to make awkward conversation with all of her late lover’s family. She is programmed to say such phrases as: “I can’t believe he is really gone”; “I know I said I wasn’t going to come, but I had to say goodbye one last time”; “Your father loved you, he talked about you all the time”; “Your father was the love of my life”; “Even though our time together was short, it was magical, it was the best four weeks of my life”; and “You know me, we were in the same Algebra Two class junior year of high school”.

This fall, Barbie is the woman who broke up your parents’ marriage. 

Black Veil Barbie comes with skintight black dress, removable veil, and hair brush. Emotional Support Skipper doll, Sugar Daddy Ken Carson and all his angry family dolls each sold separately.

Hobo Cop Goes to Africa

This summer, Idris Elba returns as the world's most frugal crime fighter, Hobo Cop.  Hoboken’s finest cop is forced out of retirement to save his kidnapped daughter from a South African diplomat's sex trafficking ring. Now it's up to Hobo Cop and a ragtag band of hobo mercenaries to travel to the motherland and get his daughter back. This Fourth of July, Idris Elba hands out the final cup of hobo justice when "Hobo Cop Goes to Africa."

One Last Job

One Last Job

Joel: “Hey babe, what do you think about this lamp?”

Valerie: “I don’t know, it might be too big.”

Joel: “That’s what she said.”

Valerie: “Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re still doing that’s what she said jokes in 2017.”

Joel: “Okay, I might use that joke a little too much.”

Valerie: “More like way too much.”

Joel: “Okay, fine, I will retire the joke, but one day the joke is going to get an offer too good to refuse. Yeah, the joke knows it’s dangerous, but the money is too good to say no. The joke needs the money to help its formerly estranged daughter open a bed and breakfast upstate. The joke comes out of retirement for one last job and everything goes wrong. The joke is killed by the police after being double-crossed by its former partner, Chuck Norris Facts. The joke dies holding a silver locket with a picture of its daughter as a child in its hands.“

Valerie: “That was one hell of story. I’m truly impressed dear, but there is no way I can fit that big thing in my already tight little trunk.”

Joel: “That’s what she said.”

Valerie: “Oh my God, I hate you so much right now.”



The Whisper Campaign (Questionable Reputation)

“Questionable Reputation”

Did you know that it is well documented that presidential candidate Joel Barber once was a member of the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, the Green Party, the Free Masons, the Black Panthers, the Mickey Mouse Club, the NRA, the PLO, NWA, NOW, MADD, Amway, AARP, Black Lives Matter, Hezbollah and Sam’s Club? Is this the kind of man you want running America? Vote Hecht for president. I am Aaron Hecht and I endorse this message.

Campaign Promises (Truth is Out There)

Truth is Out There

Once I am elected president, my administration will be all about answers and solutions. If the American taxpayer has a question, my administration will find the answer. In my first hundred days, I pledge that my administration will find Tupac and Biggie's killers, bring back our nation's space program to search for aliens, find the person or persons who let the dogs out, find out what really happens when you force seven strangers to work and live together in one house and more.

The truth is out there, and if I am elected president, together we are going to find it.

Vote Joel Barber for President!

Barber 2024!

campaign promise1.jpg


Joel: “I can sell my zine on Etsy. You know what this means.”

The song “A Whole New World” from Disney’s “Aladdin” starts playing in the background.

Lawyer: “Whoa, whoa, stop the music. Do you know how much that song costs to use? You can’t even afford to think about using that version of that song.”

Joel: “Okay, which version can I use?”

Lawyer: “The karaoke version sung by two very drunk secretaries, Nancy and Sarah.”

Joel: “I don’t know about that. I was kind of going for this thing and I don’t think they can pull it off.”

The Lawyer hands Joel an index card with the price to use the original Disney version of the song.   

Joel: “Seriously? Wow, that’s a lot. I don’t even make that in two years. Okay, bring on Nancy and Sarah.”

Nancy and Sarah come out with microphones and drinks in their hands. They are drunk -- not sloppy drunk yet, but close. They start singing “A Whole New World.” Neither of them can sing, but they are trying their best.  

Lawyer: “So, what do you think?”

Joel: “I can barely understand a single word coming out of their mouths.”

Lawyer: “And neither can Disney’s lawyers.”  

Consult Your Doctor

Consult Your Doctor

Doctor Cruz: “What seems to be troubling you, Mr. Smith?”

Mr. Smith: “The last few days, I have been having terrible stomach cramps and serious lower back pain.”

Doctor Cruz: “Alright, Mr. Smith, let me take a look at you.”

Mr. Smith: “Okay.”

Doctor Cruz examines Mr. Smith.

Doctor Cruz: “From the outside, you look fine, Mr. Smith.  Have you made any major lifestyle changes lately, such as a new diet or exercise program?”

Mr. Smith: “No, not really. Well, I did start walking on sunshine a few weeks ago.”

Doctor Cruz: “Walking on sunshine, oh my God, no. Mr. Smith, how long have you been doing this?”

Mr. Smith: “I don’t know, maybe three or four weeks, tops. It was a little painful at first, but now it’s starting to feel good.”

Doctor Cruz: “Mr. Smith, I want you to listen to me very carefully walking on sunshine is dangerous. If you keep doing this activity, you’re going to die. In fact, I’m not even sure how you’re even alive now. Every time you walk on a ray of sunshine, you increase your chances of getting melanoma and other fatal skin cancers a million times more than by ordinary walking.”

Mr. Smith: “Okay so walking on sunshine is out. What if I start walking on the moon instead? Do you think that is going to be safer, doctor?”

Doctor Cruz: “No, and could you please stop taking fitness advice from ‘80s pop songs?”

Mr. Smith: “What about Let’s Get Physical?”

Doctor Cruz: “Mr. Smith, nobody likes a smart ass.”