Hobo Cop Goes to Africa

This summer, Idris Elba returns as the world's most frugal crime fighter, Hobo Cop.  Hoboken’s finest cop is forced out of retirement to save his kidnapped daughter from a South African diplomat's sex trafficking ring. Now it's up to Hobo Cop and a ragtag band of hobo mercenaries to travel to the motherland and get his daughter back. This Fourth of July, Idris Elba hands out the final cup of hobo justice when "Hobo Cop Goes to Africa."

Hobo Cop

In a world where there is no hope, where violence, fear and economic turmoil reign supreme, the people cry out for a hero. A hero who can face tough times head on. A hero who not only can save the day, but also work on a very tight budget, the world cries out for Hobo Cop. Harrison Ford stars as a new type of hero who hands out his own brand of justice, Hobo Justice.  Hobo Cop: half man, half cop, half hobo…Full hero! This Thanksgiving justice has a new code, the hobo code.